Volunteer Positions

You are important to the BPRC!

Every job done for the pregnancy center is equally important, and not all jobs need to be accomplished at the center itself - you can even work from home! We have multitudes of volunteer positions within the center...one of them has your name on it!


Client Advocate

Provide a safe place by counseling clients, sharing the Gospel, and providing loving and Biblical alternatives to abortion. Client Advocates are responsible for maintaining an active church membership, completing Client Intake Forms, and referring Clients to Partner Organizations.


Create a safe environment in the BPRC facility by making clients feel comfortable/safe until client advocate is available to council. This will done by: greeting clients, offering drinks/snacks, getting toys out for kids, and restocking snacks as needed.


The Secretary will create a safe place for clients by focusing on important behind the scenes and office work that will allow the Client Advocates and Greeters to interact with clients. The Secretary is responsible for answering the phone during work hours, scheduling appointments, data entry, taking notes, and making copies.

Research Secretary

Creates a safe environment for clients by following up with clients to ensure that their needs are met. This person is responsible for: determining when objects become available for clients on the waiting list, and informing the client when his/her object is available; scanning client files to follow-up with clients who have not communicated recently with the BPRC.

Statistics Director

By recording weekly statistics, the Stat Director displays the success of the BPRC in creating a safe environment. Responsibilities include: collecting statistics on Thursdays during working hours, entering stats into computer for a weekly stat report, entering stats into computer for a monthly stat report, emailing monthly stat report to Newsletter Coordinator, and overseeing Statistics Assistant.

Statistics Assistant

Works under the Statistics Director to create a safe environment by recording weekly statistics, filing client files upon completion, and assisting the Statistics Director as needed.

Secretary of Events

By investing in clients' lives, the Secretary of Events reminds clients that the BPRC is a safe place. Responsibilities include: keeping track of clients' birthdays and baby showers, mailing birthday letters, and putting together presents for baby showers.

Lead Messenger

By ensuring that resources are available to clients, the Lead Messenger creates a safe place at the BPRC. Responsibilities include: overseeing Messengers, picking up WIC and Medicaid forms as needed, and pick up diapers/bottles from churches.


By ensuring that resources are available to clients, the Messenger creates a safe place at the BPRC. Responsibilities include helping the Lead Messenger as needed to replenish resources.


Your mission is to serve when others cannot. God will call you to fulfill you mission sporadically. This is a position in which you can choose your own schedule. However, it is vital to the center because without extra hands there are days we have to close. We would prefer to have as many subs as possible in all areas


Church Outreach Director

Oversees the Church Outreach Missionaries to ensure that the BPRC creates a safe place for clients by creating awareness within churches. Responsibilities include: calling churches to schedule meetings, training Church Outreach Missionaries, assigning Missionaries to visit churches, and explaining the vision of the BPRC to church members and staff.


Are you creative and great with graphics? This position is important for designing different forms of communication that let the community know that the BPRC exists and what it is exists to accomplish. This will include brochures, flyers, and more!

Church Outreach Missionary

Ensures that the BPRC creates a safe place for women, men, and children by creating awareness within churches. This Missionary will visit churches and discuss the vision of the BPRC to create a safe place with church leadership and members to ensure awareness and raise money.

Awareness Coordinator

This position is important because the goal of the BPRC is to create a safe place in a world of anxiety and confusion. This is nearly impossible if no one knows we exist. Making sure the marketing/advertising information is spread around the community and always stocked ensures people are seeing our different forms of communication that will keep who we are and what we do at the forefront of the minds when a situation arises that we are here to help with


Professionalism is extremely important in advertising and marketing because it sets a tone of confidence and preparedness that will lead others to see that we are serious about our mission to spread the Gospel, end abortion, and create a safe place for those in need.

Website Executive

By furthering awareness, the Website Executive informs women that the BPRC is a safe place to have their needs met. This person will inform the Website Designer of updates to website, including: stories, videos, classes, calendar updates, and others.

Website Designer

By furthering awareness, the Website Designer receives updates from Website Executive and completes updates to website.

FaceBook Coordinator

Establish the BPRC as a safe place by creating awareness through checking Facebook daily for inappropriate material – report suspicious content to Director immediately, and posting new updates/events.


A non-profit organization depends on the support of those in the community that are grateful for the efforts we are making to spread the Gospel and fight against abortion. Through bottle drives and other types of fundraising, we can meet the financial needs of the organization without having to turn any girls away for lack of resources.


Boutique Coordinator

Creates a safe place for clients by providing resources. The responsibilities include: oversee Boutique Assistants, must be available to work Tuesday mornings, responsible for all material donations (sort material donations), create matching outfits to hang in closet, organize Boutique closet regularly, maintain clean environment in upstairs storage space.

Boutique Assistant

Creates a safe place for clients by providing resources. The Boutique Assistant will assist the Boutique Coordinator as needed to sort through material donations and organize Boutique.