Bastrop Pregnancy Resource Center Testimonials

Read about some of the ways the PRC is blessing those in our community.

One time a young woman about 23 came in. We spoke about her pregnancy and her future. She was less than enthusiastic about her life changing. We then arranged for an ultrasound, and the tears came. In that moment, she indeed became a mother in her heart
~ Kathy M.

As a fairly new volunteer, I’ve just been astonished by the support that the community provides to this center. Not only churches, but youth organizations, individual volunteers, and donors as well as other non-profits partner to provide help to those choosing life even in less-than-optimal situations.
~ Sherry A.

I have such fond memories of the “days of the beginning” – the legal papers, the forms, and two fresh-faced young women with a vision given by God and answered in faith. Blessings and gratitude to both of you! I pray for you like you were my daughters.
~ Lynda S.

For me, the best moment was when Katie went into labor at our house at 1 A.M. Her water broke, and I was on the phone with 911 as Katie was laughing. On the floor, my blind cat Dziab started slipping on the water, and Katie yelled, “Ania! Get Dziab Dziab!”
~Ania J

When a childbirth or breastfeeding class begins, often a young woman is new to the information and simply observes. The reward comes when she starts to ask how she will get through childbirth or how she will successfully breastfeed her baby and still finish school. Then I know she is taking charge of her own life – not being led without thinking.
~ Kathy M.

Yesterday, a young pregnant girl visited us. She had relocated to a new town with a toddler. She was in need of a doctor referral, a source for grief counseling due to the loss of a parent, a peer-support group, and maternity clothing. This young girl was sad and scared, but she also had a determined spirit. She wanted to do what was needed to improve her life and that of her children. She wanted to get her GED and attend parenting classes. It filled me with joy to see her begin to smile a little with a look of hope for the future by the time she left.
~ Sherry A.

Remembering with a smile as we were looking at different locations – before God opened the door for our beautiful location! Remember walking through the old funeral home “compound?” Ha ha! We felt like we walked into the Promised Land when we saw what God had done for us!

Instead of gifts for me, I gave baby stuff to BPRC.
– Olivia, age 9 (I was sitting with a mom at Olivia’s party, and her daughter was telling her how good it felt to help these babies. A seed planted by a 9-year-old!)

Same event as Ania’s but different perspective: When Katie went into labor and EMS arrived, I avoided the puddles and quickly shielded my [chest]. “Yikes!!! Someone is in labor on the floor in my house!” ~ Charles J.

I counseled with a new client one afternoon, and she received the Lord Jesus as her Savior. A few days later, she brought in a huge load of her friends’ baby things to donate to us. She was all smiles and hugs as she told us she wanted to give to help others.
~ Adella S

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